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Chef Fernando Aquino

 Born Mexico City and raised in Chiapas, Fernando comes from a family that loved to cook. His love of cooking developed at an early age sharing the kitchen with his mother and grandmother. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Gastronomy, training in classical French cuisine and studying Escoffier and Point, French chefs considered fathers of modern French cuisine. He had additional training in Argentina as well as in Mexico City training in one of the top restaurants in the world, Restaurant Pujol, under the celebrated Mexican Chef Enrique Olvera. Fernando has achieved some celebrity of his own throughout his career by guest starring weekly on the national Mexican cooking show “Ya Es Hora” for a year and teaching at the Colegio Euro-mexicano de Artes Culiarias y Enology. Fernando has fed Mexican movie stars as chef for the famous San Cristobal film festival and worked his magic for customers from around the world throughout Chiapas where he is well known. We are lucky to now enjoy his wonderful food here in Oregon at the Cannon Beach Café.

We Love Cooking For You!

“I suddenly discovered that cooking was a rich and layered and endlessly fascinating subject. The best way to describe it is to say that I fell in love with French food- the tastes, the processes, the history, the endless variations, the rigorous discipline, the creativity, the wonderful people, the equipment, the rituals.” 

- Julia Child, My Life in France

Claudia Toutain-Dorbec

Cannon Beach Café: A Woman-Owned Business
Meet Claudia Toutain-Dorbec, Owner / General Manager